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    How your local produce company could benefit from acquiring a refrigerated van

    ArticleThursday 17 October 2013
    For those of you out there running flourishing local produce businesses, one of your key concerns about the success of your whole operation will, no doubt, be transportation to customers. You may be using a third party service to deliver your goods or you may have another system in place but, purchasing your own refrigerated vehicle may have benefits that you had not thought of before. 
    Total control
    The main advantage of having your own method of delivery is the level of control that it gives your business. With third party services, you are always relying on other people and, in business, this can sometimes lead to trouble. With your own transportation system in place you could benefit from the following:
    • Time flexibility: Orders can be shipped out when it suites you. Ensuring your produce is as good as it can be is always going to take time and effort so you don’t want to be rushed, trying to meet delivery times that have been set by third party delivery firms. You can take that extra bit of time to ensure that whole batches are perfectly ready and go out together in one batch which will save time and money. 
    • Handling: When looking for your own refrigerated van you will be able to take into consideration your own, very specific requirements such as the size and internal layout of the vehicle. Nobody knows your produce better than you do so take advantage of this and ensure that the vehicle you buy will be able to correctly store your produce in the way you want it to. Third party vehicles are not designed with your business in mind which may lead to your products getting damaged in transit. Also, you will be able to handle the produce with the respect it deserves. You can pack things in ways that you know are best for the particular product type you’re transporting.
    • Ideal temperature: With complete control of your delivery vehicle, you will be able to control the temperature of the vehicle so it is at optimum temperature for the produce that you are transporting. People with less knowledge may think that a certain temperature is suitable for all of the products in their van but some things may need to be cooler than others and some may not need to be chilled at all. You know more about your products than anybody else and you will have complete control of them to ensure that the end customer receives your product in its best possible form. 
    Glacier Vehicles are experts in the refrigerated van industry and specialise in selling a wide selection of fridge vans and freezer vans in Coulsdon, Surrey.
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