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    How To Clean Your Van With Household Products

    ArticleTuesday 04 June 2013
    With the outgoing cost of Tax, MOT, servicing and fuel, the price to keep a van running smoothly can sometimes work out fairly hefty. In addition to keeping the vehicle on the road, professional car washes, costing on average around £20, can really start to add up over time. 
    Caring for your van doesn’t have to result in a large bill every month and to prove that you can keep your van looking clean on a budget; we’ve listed the top household items you’ll find lying around to make your van the shiniest in the street.  
    Cleaning the floors
    This may be an obvious one, however as well as getting out your hoover for a quick spruce, use a stiff brush to sweep any trapped dirt out from the depths of your van carpet and from any nooks or crannys before hoovering them up. 
    Keep it smelling sweet
    With most van drivers eating on the go it’s no wonder that the inside of the vehicle can start to get a bit smelly. The odour eliminating spray in your bathroom should do the trick, however if the smell is wafting from your vents, a good mixture of powdered mustard and warm water in a spray bottle should sort out the problem. 
    In the future pick yourself up a small travel bin to keep in the back for rubbish on the go.  
    Shine up the interior
    A pack of baby wipes should do just the trick for grime and dirt on your dashboard, as well as keeping your interior smelling fresh. For the hard to reach places, such as around buttons and in-between vents, try using an old toothbrush or cotton bud. 
    Washing the windows
    If you don’t have some household glass cleaner lying around, try a few ounces of vinegar mixed with water. Wash the solution over the whole glass for a thorough clean or use it undiluted on the van wipers to help rid of any misty smears. 
    Spruce up the body
    A good quality car wash solution can be quite expensive, that’s why we recommend a good splodge of conditioner straight from your bathroom and diluted with water as a perfect alternative. 
    Grease free wheels 
    Baking soda is perfect for removing the grease and debris off your wheels. Apply a thick layer and, after around 10 minutes, wash off with some cold water for sparkling alloys. 
    Keep your van looking sparkling clean inside and out. 
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